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Underbelly III 2009

Hair and Makeup. 1980’s – 1990’s Hair and makeup, haircuts, period styling, characters ranging from street gangsters – hookers (classy, and not), dirt, wounds, smashed noses, bullet hits. Sigrid Thornton, Emma Booth, Deiter Brummer, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Salvatore Coco, Will Travel

Uninhabited 2009

Hair and Makeup Designer + Standby Costume
Bill Bennett’s psychological thriller, based on true events, filmed on a remote island with out any electricity. Following the characters arcs of dishevelment. Breaking down characters, dirt and blood.
Gerry Hakewell, Henry James

Lucky Country

Lucky Country 2009

Hair and Makeup Designer. 1902 Australian Western: period hair and makeup design, character arcs, wounds, hair pieces, blood and dust, mud, dishevelment.
Aiden Young, Pip Miller, Hanna Morgan Larwrance, Eamon Farren, Neil Piggot

All Saints

All Saints 2008

Hair and Makeup. Contemporary medical TV drama following all ranges of disease, and accidents. Medical research for accurate wound simulation.
John Howard, Jude Magrath, Tammy Macintosh, Kip Gamblin, Ella Scott Lynch


Australia 2008

Hair and Makeup (week of pickups) Baz Lurhman’s Australian epic. Makeup and hair assistant to Yvonne Savage: matching continuity for close ups, and scene coverage, doubles with lace wigs, period haircuts.
David Gulpulill, Brandon Walters

Coffin Rock

Coffin Rock 2008

Hair and Makeup Designer. A contemporary psychological thriller .Design of character arc and spirals, wounds, bites, burns.
Sam Parsonson, Lisa Chappell, Robert Taylor, Terry Camilleri.

McLeod's Daughters 2001 - 2008

McLeod's has been a great endurance test, not only with the long continuous hours, but the weather conditions. We work through 45 degree heat to -1, wind, rain, mud and dust. Creating characters, and maintaining their continuity and development has been an exciting process. Working with Lisa Chappell, Aaron Jeffrey, Bridie Carter, Rachael Carpani, Michala Banas, Simmone Jade Mackinnon, Jessica Napier, and guest cast such as John Jarrat, Craig McLachlan, and Harold Hopkins has provided many laughs and an enjoyable, family work place. Being promoted to Makeup Supervisor during the show was a huge achievement and long time goal.

Disappearance 2001

This was a wonderful project to work on. It was an American 'telemovie of the week', starring Harry Hamlin and Susan Dey. Much of it was shot at Leigh Creek, Flinders Rangers, South Australia (my favourite location). Looking after, and maintaining the makeup on our American leads in the extreme weather from our dry barron land was hard work and a lot of fun. They could not believe the heat, the flies, let alone our accents!


Serenades 2000

This film is one I will always hold close to my heart, again shot in Leigh Creek, Flinders Rangers, we lived out there for a few months, working harder than ever in that freaky weather, from flash floods to unbelievable dust storms. The film was set in early 1900's we had wigs, prosthetics, tattoos, a fantastic makeup supervisor and great cast, Aiden Young, David Gulpilil, David Naminjarra, and Billie Brown.

We even won "Best Makeup for a feature Film 2000". I will be forever grateful for the experience.

Nijinsky 2000

A beautiful film to make and do makeup on. A story of a Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. It was an opportunity to show off my body art and theatrical makeup skills, which is rare on film. Sharing this experience with the talented performers from Leigh Warren Dance co. and the Australian Ballet was a wonderful opportunity, so to was the joy of working with the very passionate writer, director Paul Cox.

Innocence 1999

Another Paul Cox experience, he is an incredible man to watch work. I worked in both makeup and wardrobe departments on this film. Working closely with actors Charles (Bud) Tingwell, Julia Blake, and Terry Norris was very rewarding. They were such clever, talented, professional, classy actors, and it was such a beautiful untold love story. I even featured in this film during a funeral scene, Paul likes for his crew to appear during his productions, he even has the odd cameo himself.

Cut 1999

Such a great film for a makeup artist to work on, a slasher, thriller story, with most main characters suffering gruesome deaths, from burning alive, beheading, a butchers knife through the chest, and a melting face. You name it we had it. There was so much blood, it was wonderful. We mostly shot at night with fantastic stunt doubles, makeup team and makeup effects group. Starring Kylie Minogue, Molly Ringwald, Jessica Napier, Stephen Curry. A makeup artists delight.

Chuck Finn 1999

They say "never work with children and animals", this show had it all, shot in the South Australian Film Corporation studios and locations on the River Murray. The kids were all fantastic, professional actors, but teemed with numerous animals, fantasies, flash backs, and puberty, became quite challenging. This show also had some amazing guest cast, from Gary MacDonald, Matt Newton, Kristy Wright, to Gary Sweet, and Michael Vietch.

Sample People 1998

Such an awesome job to work on in terms of makeup. Each character had specific colours which followed through their wardrobe, set dressing and makeup. It was a high fashion look teemed with gunshot wounds, body art, fake piercing's, tattoos, scars and bruises. The tattoo work was a huge component on this film, Simon Lyndon's tattoo taking up to 3 hrs each morning to do. Starring Kylie Minogue, David Field, Ben Mendhelson, Joel Edgerton, and Paula Urandle. A story about people who love to party, with this cast and crew it was inevitable that I would have the time of my life.


Siam Sunset 1988

A road trip movie shot mostly in Coober Pedy, outback South Australia, such amazing terrain. This is where I learnt about makeup dirt and dishevelment, and now have spent my years perfecting it. People look so sexy when they are broken down and dirty! The story is about characters that survive a bus accident and live without water and nothing to eat but beetroot. One character had hung himself and another a burn victim, I spent a day at the morgue to research what this really looked like, it was a fascinating and eye opening experience, a day I will never forget.



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